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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Miami County to take over commercial inspections.

Transition Plan for the Auglaize County Certified Building Department, sub-departments, to include the City of Wapakoneta, the City of St. Marys, the Village of New Knoxville, the Village of New Bremen, the Village of Cridersville, the Village of Minster, the Village of Waynesfield, and Agreement with Miami County for Commercial Construction Plan Review and Inspections. Effective January 20, 2017., Auglaize County is a Certified Building Department, and effective March 3, 2017, certified Sub­Departments of Auglaize County include: Cridersville, Minster, New Bremen, New Knoxville, Waynesfield, St. Marys, and Wapakoneta, for all commercial construction activity subject to compliance with the Ohio Building Code. The. Miami County Department of Development (Building Department), under contract by agreement between Auglaize County commissioners and Miami County commissioners, will conduct plan review and inspections for all commercial construction activity in Auglaize County. All commercial construction projects currently under review or in process toward final certificates of occupancy with the State of Ohio will remain where originally submitted until completion. Necessary forms, procedures, checklists, copies of the Ohio Building Code, and contact information will be available at the Auglaize County office and all sub department municipal offices. Please call Rob England, Building Official, at Miami County Department of Development with any questions: 937-440-8121, ext. 8069