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New Permit to Operate Received by the State

PUBLIC NOTICE Date of Notice: November 2, 2016 Name and address of facility: JP Poultry 8704 State Route 274 New Bremen, Ohio 45869 Name and address of applicants: James J. Fleck 8704 State Route 274 New Bremen, Ohio 45869 Pamela O. Fleck 8704 State Route 274 New Bremen, Ohio 45869 Joshua Fleck 8794 State Route 274 New Bremen, Ohio 45869 In accordance with OAC rule 901:10-6-01, public notice is hereby given that the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) is accepting comments on a draft Permit to Operate (PTO) renewal for the facility called “JP Poultry” which is located at 8704 State Route 274 New Bremen, Ohio 45869 in Mercer County, Marion NE Township, in the Upper Wabash Watershed. If the final permit is issued, the PTO would be valid for five years. Copies of the draft permit can be reviewed and/or copies made at the Division of Livestock Environmental Permitting (DLEP) office at: A.B. Graham Building, 8995 East Main Street, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068, (614) 387-0470. Any person may submit written comments and/or request a public meeting on the draft permit. A request for a public meeting must be in writing and shall state the nature of the issues to be raised at the public meeting. Comments and/or public meeting requests must be received by the DLEP office no later than 5 p.m. December 1, 2016. Comments received after this date will not be considered. A public meeting will be held when required by OAC 901:10-6-04(C) and may be held where authorized by OAC 901:10-6-01(D). Persons have a right to provide a written or oral statement for the record at the public meeting, if a meeting is scheduled. The Division of Livestock Environmental Permitting maintains an “interested parties” list for each Ohio county as well as a statewide list for notification of all draft permits. If you would like to be added to either or both of these lists, please send a request to or call 614-387-0470 -end- JP Poultry Draft Permit to Operate Renewal General overview of the farm JP Poultry is located in Mercer County, Marion NE Township, at 8704 State Route 274, New Bremen Ohio 45869. It is located in the Upper Wabash River Watershed. The facility is owned and operated by James, Pamela and Joshua Fleck. This draft Permit to Operate is a renewal for the previously issued Permit to Operate, and would be valid for a period of 5 years. The facility consists of three layer barns and three cattle barns. The layer barns have the total design capacity to house 410,000 laying hens and the cattle barns have the total design capacity to house 1,085 beef cattle. The layer manure is stored in concrete pits below each of the layer barns and each barn has the capacity to store more than 500 days of poultry manure. One of the cattle barns has a concrete pit below it to store up to a year of liquid manure and the other two cattle barns have the cattle bedded on straw. This straw laden manure is stored in a manure barn which has the capacity to store 255 days of solid manure production. JP Poultry also has a remote manure storage barn which stores manure that the facility receives from another facility to apply to its crop fields. This barn has the capacity to store all of the manure imported and the solid cattle manure produced at the home farm if necessary. Overview of Draft Permit to Operate Within the draft Permit to Operate (PTO), a complete manure management plan is provided, which outlines inspections and monitoring that must be completed by the facility. The estimated annual manure production for the laying hens is 3,785 tons of manure. Cattle manure production is estimated at 1,519 tons of solid manure plus 293 tons of imported cattle manure and 832,894 gallons of liquid manure. JP Poultry has 812 acres of cropland in a corn, soybean and wheat rotation that is available for the land application of the liquid and solid cattle manure. All the poultry manure is distributed off the farm through a manure broker or cooperating crop farmers. An Insect and Rodent Control Plan is included to minimize the presence and negative effects of insects and rodents. The plan includes methods to control flies, beetles and mice. The farm performs daily inspections throughout the buildings for flies, larvae and beetles, as well as daily water leak inspections. These monitoring activities are used to determine if the facility is required to perform treatment for insect or rodents based on the criteria set forth in the permit. A Mortality Management Plan is required for disposal of dead livestock. Approved methods of disposal are burying, landfilling, burning, rendering and composting. JP Poultry will utilize composting as their method of disposal for the laying hens and will dispose of the cattle at the Mercer County Landfill. An Emergency Response Plan is required to ensure accidents or emergencies are handled quickly and efficiently to maintain the safety of the environment, wildlife and water supplies. In case of an emergency or accident, the names and phone numbers of contact personnel and equipment are listed. Finally, an Operating Record is included that provides all forms and information that must be maintained by the facility to show compliance with ODA’s rules and the permit. These records include inspection of the manure storage structures, manure characterization, land application, insect and rodent control, distribution and utilization of manure, and mortality management. The facility and these records are inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to ensure compliance.