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Monday, July 23, 2018

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Auglaize County Important News

6/22/2015 - Auglaize County Recognized in Top 10 Healthiest Counties in Ohio
Auglaize County breaks into the top 10 in healthiest counties in Ohio study after falling just shy of the top ten mark the past few years.
3/19/2015 - Cooperative Agreement Added as Additional Economic Development Tool
The Auglaize County Board of County Commissioners approved and entered into the Cooperative Agreement with the Port Authority of Allen County (PAAC) n lieu of creating a port authority.
3/13/2015 - Meet County Administrator Erica Preston
Erica Preston joined the County in July of 2014.
3/13/2015 - 2015 Goals
Auglaize County sets 2015 Goals
5/27/2014 - Ohio's Courthouses: Continuing a Legacy
Ohio's Courthouses: Continuing a Legacy
11/7/2012 - Court House Renovation Slide Show
Court House Renovation Slide Show
10/1/2012 - Court House Rededication
Court House Rededication
8/2/2012 - Auglaize County Fact book
Auglaize County Fact book
4/11/2012 - Courthouse Renovation Pictures
Courthouse Renovation Pictures *Updated