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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Adoption Fees:  $20 (If you are an AuglaizeCounty resident, you must also purchase your tags for $20.  Out of County residents must purchase their tags in their own County.)
GREAT NEWS:  We recently received a grant for the spay/neuter of our adopted dogs.  We will provide you with a voucher to get this done FREE OF CHARGE!!  This grant was from


Please visit our Facebook Page for a full list of dogs needing a good home.

Adoption Story:  “Easy” aka “Thunder” was a dog that we picked up this winter.  He was starving, losing his hair, had frost bite on his feet, and was in very bad shape.  We did not think he would make it through the night.  He did fight back, and it did not take long to realize he was a GREAT, LOYAL, Loving dog.  This email was received from his adopted family:
HI Guys! I told you I would update you on Easy's progress, and I am sorry it has taken me so long.
First off...he is renamed Thunder. He sounds like thunder when he runs through the house. He seems to love one of our cats as if he thinks Jack is just a short dog. Taco Bell, the foster cat, on the other hand..they have a love/hate relationship. Thunder wants to love him...Taco hates him back.  But there IS hope, because last night they were sleeping curled up together on the couch. Taco opened an eye, and watched Thunder for a few mintutes and went back to sleep.
This dog is very smart. We have tried many things and he knows Sit, Stay, Laydown, Speak, and Shush. He knows the words Leash, Bone, Ball, and Cookie, NOW we spell it so he doesn't turn into a crackhead and jump around. The second day in our home, I jokingly said "go get in Laurens bed"...and he did. Went right in there and curled up to watch her play video games.  Now I ask "Where's lauren?" And he goes to get her.  Jack isn't allowed outside because he is declawed, but he tries. He got out the other day and I said "Thunder...get jack back in here" and he ran out and herded the cat back in, who was totally peeved the rest of the day.
We lay together and watch tv...he sleeps with me most of the time. We went to the vet today because his ears are hurting him. What I thought was frost bite in his ears is actually a massive double ear infection. He got an "owie" (shot of antibiotics), and some antibiotic spray for his ears. The vet says he's doing well so far and we will start his shots when the ears are cleared up.  He's on doggy aspirin for inflamation and pain.  He now weighs 71 pounds, every one of which I feel when lifting him into the claw foot tub I have to give him an oatmeal bath for his skin.
The people who you took him from...are they being prosecuted or anything? Because he was not taken care of like he should have been...and those ears are bleeding they are so bad inside.  He is such a sweetheart. I can't figure out why someone would just neglect him so bad...and yet someone had at one time loved him enough to train him simple commands and get him neutered. It boggles the mind.
Anyway I hope you enjoyed the update and Pix.
Michelle and Lauren


Schnauzer/poodle, male. SUPER FRIENDLY

Australian cattle dog mix, SMART dog, Super friendly

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