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Friday, November 16, 2018

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Public Notice of PTO for Wenning Poultry in Mercer County

Wenning Poultry Draft Permit to Operate Renewal General overview of the farm Wenning Poultry is located in Mercer County, Gibson Township, at 1500 Union City Road, Fort Recovery, Ohio 45846. It is located in the Upper Wabash Watershed. The facility is owned and operated by James Wenning. This draft Permit to Operate is a renewal for the previously issued Permit to Operate, and would be valid for a period of 5 years. The facility consists of seven layer barns with a total design capacity of 1,592,000 layers and two off site pullet barns with a combined design capacity of 220,000 pullets plus. The layer manure is conveyed from the layer barns to a manure storage barn where the manure is either sold or fed to an anaerobic digester to provide gas for electric generation. The pullet manure is conveyed to a truck which transfers the pullet manure approximately every week to the layer facility’s manure storage barn. This manure is also either sold or fed to the digester. The manure storage barn has the capacity to store approximately 250 days of poultry manure. Wenning Poultry also has another manure storage barn available at the facility, which has the capacity to store an additional 33 days of manure. Overview of Draft Permit to Operate Within the draft Permit to Operate (PTO), a complete manure management plan is provided, which outlines inspections and monitoring that must be completed by the facility. The estimated annual manure production for the laying hens is 73,000 tons and 951 tons from the pullets. Wenning Poultry also imports about 1,766 tons of pullet manure from a pullet facility it owns under another ODA permit. Much of that manure is reduced by the digester to produce gas and the drying process for the separated solids. Wenning Poultry distributes off the farm about 29,827 tons of poultry manure and 2,200 tons of separated solids. Wenning Poultry has 1,709 acres of corn grain cropland that is available for the land application of their egg wash water and solid manure. An Insect and Rodent Control Plan is included to minimize the presence and negative effects of insects and rodents. The plan includes methods to control flies, beetles and mice. The farm performs daily inspections throughout the buildings for flies, larvae and beetles, as well as daily water leak inspections. These monitoring activities are used to determine if the facility is required to perform treatment for insect or rodents based on the criteria set forth in the permit. A Mortality Management Plan is required for disposal of dead livestock. Approved methods of disposal are burying, landfilling, burning, rendering and composting. Wenning Poultry will continue to utilize composting as their method of disposal. An Emergency Response Plan is required to ensure accidents or emergencies are handled quickly and efficiently to maintain the safety of the environment, wildlife and water supplies. In case of an emergency or accident, the names and phone numbers of contact personnel and equipment are listed. Finally, an Operating Record is included that provides all forms and information that must be maintained by the facility to show compliance with ODA’s rules and the permit. These records include inspection of the manure storage structures, manure characterization, land application, insect and rodent control, distribution and utilization of manure, and mortality management. The facility and these records are inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to ensure compliance.