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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Neil Armstrong Airport

Thank you for visiting the Offical Web Site of the Auglaize County Neil Armstrong Airport. AXV is celebrating 47 years of service to the area and the aviation community.

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What's new at AXV:

Recently the State of Ohio conducted a Economic Impact Survey of what the airports contribute to the State. Here is what we contributed to the area economy in 2012-13:
Economic Impact
First Round Impact - $4.0 million
Second Round Impact - $3.3 million
Total Airport Impact
                   Total Employment - 108 jobs
                   Total Payroll - $4.4 million
                   Total Economic Activity - $11 million
Note: Total Airport Impacts include all employment,payroll,and economic activity related to on-airport,visitor-related,and multiplier impacts.


Click here for the Airport web page.



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Neil Armstrong Airport

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