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Recommended Steps For Building A New House In Rural Auglaize County

The purpose of the following information is to assist people moving into rural Auglaize County who wish to buy a new house. These recommendations will help assist those in contacting the appropriate agencies, saving unnecessary trips to obtain permits and addressing situations with rural development prior to any problem arising.
A. Before You Purchase Your Property
1. Contact the Auglaize County Health Department for tentative approval of the proposed building site for sewage system. Phone: 419-738-3410
2. Call your Township Trustees to check zoning and for any possible flooding in the location you wish to build. A list of your Township Trustees & phone numbers may be obtained from the County Engineer's Office at 419-739-6520 or by clicking here.
3. Check the FEMA maps at the Auglaize County Engineer's Office to see if the proposed site is in a flood plain and if a LOMA (letter of map amendment) is needed. This could substantially reduce the cost of flood insurance if your lending institution requires it. Also at the Engineer's Office check for the location of adequate drainage outlets for the proposed site. Phone: 419-739-6520
4. Contact the Auglaize County Soil Conservation Service for the location of surface drainage outlets. Phone: 419-738-4016
5. If adequate outlet cannot be found through steps 3 & 4, contact the local Township Trustees, Farmers, etc. Who have past knowledge of the proposed site.
B. When Buying the Property
1. County Subdivision Regulations require new lot splits to be surveyed by a Registered Professional Surveyor with all property corners being monumented.
2. Your 911 House Number will be assigned (according to the location of your driveway) by the County Tax Map office in the Administration Building. Phone: 419-739-6740  Numbers, signs, & post can be obtained from your Township Trustees.
C. Permits Required Prior To Building
1. Sewage Treatment and Well Permits - County Health Department
2. Building Permit - From your local Township Trustees
3. Driveway Culvert Permit - From those who have jurisdiction and maintain the roadway adjacent to the proposed house. (County, Township, or State)
Prior to any excavating, call the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) at 1-800-362-2764.


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