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Sunday, June 16, 2019

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The Auglaize County Sheriff's office is staffed by 12 full time highly trained communication experts. These 12 dispatchers are the heart of the office when it comes to receiving complaints, calls for help, and then taking steps to insure that the proper Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Paramedic, or Emergency Response Team are notified and sent to the disturbance. During the calendar year of 2018, our dispatchers logged 13,300 emergency 911 calls and 43,486 non-emergency calls.

The Auglaize County Sheriff's Office operates with an Enhanced 911 System. This system was installed in January of 1990. We presently have 4 dedicated incoming 911 trunks in the system. These automatically identify the caller's telephone number and address that the call is being made from, with the with the exception of cellular 911 calls.
Every call received through this Enhanced 911 system is deemed an emergency at the point the telephone ring's. Emergency being the need of Police, Fire, or Paramedic Assistance to protect life or property.
When calling 911 stay calm, and be prepared to provide the following information:
  • Location
  • Kind or type of emergency
  • Number of people involved (names if known)
  • Are weapons involved? Any history of individuals, etc...

The information provided will assist the responding Law Enforcement, Fire, Paramedic, and Emergency Response Team's to prepare or be prepared for each individual situation, and be better able them to serve the citizens of Auglaize County.



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