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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Real Estate Valuation


The Auglaize County Auditor, Janet Schuler has contracted with Tyler CLT Appraisal Service to collect data and value the entire county for our 2011 mass reappraisal. The next reappraisal following the one we are now working on will be the Triennial in 2014. The only changes to the real estate values for the years in between would be by way of physical changes to the property (new construction), a Board of Revision adjustment, or the normal triennial which was conducted in 2008.

The Real Estate Valuation Department is then responsible for valuing any property in which an appeal has been filed, a land split/boundary survey has been brought in, or a building permit was issued.

New Construction: duties include

  • Review of Permits received in the Real Estate Valuation Department
  • Review of parcel land splits and boundary surveys accepted by the Engineer's Department
  • Inspection of the properties
  • Assess value of new construction
  • Assess value for new land configuration
  • Add property's new description to a permanent file

Board of Revision / Appraisal: duties include

  • Review of appeals filed with the Board of Revision
  • Inspection of the properties
  • Examine area sales and other necessary data
  • Present a report before the Board of Revision, where final value determination is made


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