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Auglaize Acres Room Rates

As of 1-01-2016

Per resolution #15-510
from the County Commissioners Office
$200.00 Per Day
Semi-Private with shared bathroom - East  & West
$202.00 Per Day
Memory Unit - Semi-Private
$211.00 Per Day
Private with common bath - East & West Wings
$213.00 Per Day
Private - Memory Unit
Daily Room Rate Includes:
  • Twenty-Four (24) hour nursing services
  • Three meals & evening snacks daily
  • Laundry done on daily basis
Upon admission to Auglaize Acres, there is no down payment or deposit. Billing is done the first of the month, charging the daily room rate for the prior month. Bills are due by the 10th each month
Bed Holds
Bedholds are permitted before admission with payment. A bed hold form will be signed by the POA or responsible person to hold a particular bed. The daily rate would then begin the day in which the bed hold form is signed.
Hospital Stays and / or Therapeutic Leave
Beds are held on the daily basis rate while a resident is in the hospital or on therapeutic leave, unless the Resident, POA or responsible person notifies the Admissions/Marketing Director to release the bed. Please remember you are charged for the bed during a Hospital stay or Therapeutic Leave. You may be asked to sign a Bed Hold form if the hospital stay or therapeutic leave would be a lengthy one.



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