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We offer financial support for the five basic needs of life: 

Shelter     Electric     Heat     Water     Food 

(Extenuating circumstances are also considered).  Financial Assistance applications are taken by the office and presented to the Veterans Service Commissioners on a monthly basis.  The Board considers eligibility, income, bills, the emergency need, and any other information pertaining to the case.  

Required Information:  

·        Bills (2 months)   

·        Proof of Income (2 months)  

·        Employment Seeking Packet  

·        Two months Bank Statements 




Healthcare benefits may be available to our Veterans upon application.  Application information includes gross income, assets, medical expenses, and educational expenses if applicable.  Applications (VA Form 10-10EZ) can be downloaded from the Veterans Administration (VA) home page or picked up at our office.   

A common misconception concerning VA Healthcare is that it must be used if the Veteran is eligible or enrolled.  However, VA Healthcare is used at the Veterans discretion; as a primary OR secondary (back-up care) healthcare benefit.  Some Veterans utilize their primary care Doctor and choose to have their prescriptions filled by the VA.

NOTE:  Some Veterans may be required a co-pay.  




Compensation is a monetary benefit provided to Veterans who were injured during their service or have a disability/injury as a result of their time is service.  However, not all injuries or disabilities are visible, such as post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD.  We help the Veterans with applications and submitting the forms to the VA which can help the Veterans receive their allowable benefits.  If you have questions about any injury, illness, or disability, call or visit our office to discuss your options.




There are three levels of pension that an applicant can receive:

Pension     Housebound     Aid & Attendance 

These types of pension are based on time in service, all income, medical expenses, medical care needed, and financial assets. The Veteran must have served at least 90 days with just 1 day during a period of war, be permanently and totally disabled (or at least 65 yrs old), and meet financial qualifications..  The VA takes all these circumstances into consideration when deciding a pension claim.

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