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Public Defender

Public Defender


Gerald F. Siesel, Public Defender

201 South Willipie Street, Suite 014

P. O. Box 180

Wapakoneta, OH  45895

Phone:          419-739-6796

Fax:             419-739-6797


Duties of the Public Defender


The Auglaize County Public Defender’s Office is responsible for providing legal representation to indigent persons charged with criminal offenses within the Auglaize County court system.  This includes the Common Pleas Court (Criminal Division), Municipal Court, Juvenile Court and Domestic Relations Court (Contempt of Court).  Potential clients must complete a Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency form for determination of eligibility.




Attorney Gerald F. Siesel is the third Public Defender in Auglaize County’s history, having been appointed to that position by the Auglaize County Public Defender Commission on February 1, 2010.  Prior to that appointment, Mr. Siesel had served as Deputy Public Defender since November of 1981.


The Public Defender’s Office currently works with a staff of two Deputy Public Defenders (Attorney Rob C. Wiesenmayer, II and S. Mark Weller), an office manager/administrative assistant, Anna Gibson, and a legal secretary, Diane Kraft.  Additionally, the Public Defender’s Office is assisted from time to time by legal interns from area law schools and paralegal assistants from Rhodes State University.


The Public Defender’s Office works under the oversight of the Auglaize County Public Defender Commission, consisting of five members who serve pursuant to appointment by the Auglaize County Commissioners and the Presiding Judge of the Common Pleas Court.  Current commission members are Jason This (President), James Hearn (Vice President), James West (Secretary), Robert Shenk and Carlene Koch. 



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