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County Auditor

Janet Schuler
209 S. Blackhoof St.
Suite 102
Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895
Phone: 419-739-6705




  Duties of the Auditor

 The Auditor is the County's chief financial officer, elected by the voters of Auglaize County. Responsibilities include accounting, maintenance of financial records and records of county assets, auditing payments made by the county, real estate appraisals, inspection and licensing of scales and gas pumps, and sale of licenses for dog tags, vendors, cigarette dealers and specialized goods. The Auditor's Office also disburses all warrants authorizing spending of county funds, including payroll.  

Chief Assessor
As chief assessor, the Auditor must conduct reappraisals of real property values every six years. Updates of real property values are conducted every three years. All taxes for personal property are assessed after examining the tax returns. Also, the auditor assesses the values for manufactured homes and registers the manufactured homes. Thereafter, municipalities, townships and school districts receive their proportionate shares. 

Recorder of Transactions
The Auditor maintains records of deed transfers, homestead exemptions, oil and gas wells, special assessments and all real property, including exempted parcels.

Inspector and License Issuer
The Auditor inspects commercial weights and measures, such as gasoline pumps and grocery scales, and certifies them as accurate to protect consumers. This certification means that when you buy a gallon of gas, you are getting a gallon of gas. Any concerns should be reported to the Auditor’s weights and measures specialist.

County Budget Commission
Composed of the Auditor, the Treasurer and Prosecuting Attorney, the County Budget Commission oversees tax rates established by other political subdivisions within the county. As secretary, the Auditor performs the work of the Commission.

Board of Revision
This board, composed of the Auditor, Treasurer and one County Commissioner, hears appeals from property owners challenging their real property values. Decisions are made after hearing testimony and researching the complaint.

Chief Payroll Officer
The Auditor is responsible for maintaining all payroll records of county employees and writes or pays by direct deposit about 12,350 warrants (checks) per year to employees and pays the withholding taxes and pension contributions to Federal, state and local governments.

Financial Reports
After all accounting records are closed for the year; the Auditor prepares the annual financial report for Auglaize County in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. In 2003, the county implemented the biggest change in financial reporting in the last fifteen years with the adoption of GASB-34, a new reporting standard mandated by the Government Accounting Standards Board.  


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