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The Auglaize County Sheriff's Office employs deputies who are specifically assigned to patrol the roadways, answer complaints, and if necessary, do follow up investigation on those complaints. On major case investigations, a detective is commonly assigned to the case. The detective is either the investigating officer, or is assisting the deputy whom initially responded to the complaint.
Deputies are assigned to various shifts to ensure that protection is provided to the public around the clock. The initially responding deputy is usually the one who continues through with the investigation. It often becomes necessary for the public to communicate with the deputy who is handling their complaint. Due to the various shifts, maintaining continuous coverage, and other responsibilities, deputies are not always readily available to speak with. The Auglaize County Sheriff's Office utilizes a voice mail system to allow the public to communicate with the employees in their absence.
The public can dial the voice mail system direct at 419-739-6701. An operator instructs you on how to access the employee you need to leave a message for. You can also call the dispatcher direct to see if the employee is working, and if not, the dispatcher can connect you with the voice mail system. Below is a list of the Sheriff, Deputies, and their respective voice mail extensions.

Sheriff / Deputy419-739-6701 Ext.#
Sheriff Solomon205
Chief Deputy Eberle206
Lieutenant Stienecker215
Lieutenant Peterson
Detective Burke218
Sergeant Little
Sergeant Vernon
Sergeant Kaeck338
Deputy Baeumel329
Deputy Albright
Deputy Holtzapple
Deputy Osborne320
Deputy Borgert
Deputy Ahlers
Deputy Blank
Deputy Chisholm
Deputy Rammel
Deputy Foxhoven
Deputy Keller
Deputy R. Burke
Deputy Wilkins337
Deputy Barhorst309
Deputy Cain325
Deputy Schulze331
Deputy Grothause330
Deputy Chaney334
Deputy Wiley322


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